Get Test & Trace ready within minutes for contactless guest check-in, and for free.

A bespoke and comprehensive digital platform  

Experience the latest in hospitality tech without breaking the bank


Create value with a new digital reach

Gain a competitive advantage by going digital at an affordable cost with our white-labelled mobile app. Create a complete platform with your branding and choice of features to suit your exact business needs.


POS 2.0

Completely manage your in-house table service with a fully automated digital platform. We provide you with a tailored application in order to manage your orders and payments in realtime. Leave the admin to us, and let your servers focus on what they're best at; customer service.


Realtime feedback

The moment a diner checks-in to a table, their entire profile is instantly available to you; from past reviews to taste preferences, allergies and more. Employ an automated channel to send review requests after every interaction; receiving authentic, unbiased and dish specific feedback. Understand exactly what works for your business, and what doesn’t.


Engage with loyal customers

Access a rapidly growing customer base with a digital loyalty programme. Integrate loyalty in every interaction to retain customers and drive more orders. Interact beyond the transaction to engage with your customers.

TAILORED experiences

Enhanced customer experiences

Cater to customer preferences by utilising cutting edge technology that provides convenient processes and full information. Leverage unparalleled customer insights to create promoters with every interaction. Increase your average order size with happier customers.


more customer feedback is delivered if customers have the ability to review at the direct time of interaction


of diners will use mobile pay or will pay using a restaurant’s app when available


Restaurants are lagging in technology


increase in order size after digital application adoption with restaurants


of restaurateurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency


return on investment with digital loyalty programs

Why choose Dyne?

Table Optimisation

Boost table turnover by 15 minutes and revenue by 14% with digital orders and payments

Customer Experience

Cater to dynamic consumer preferences with less admin and more service

Network Analytics

Leverage unparalleled customer data from the Dyne ecosystem to better understand customers

Digital Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage by going digital at an affordable cost

Review System

Incentivised and realtime review mechanism, producing unbiased, authentic and increased volume of feedback

Loyalty Programme

Diners earn loyalty rewards each time they utilise Dyne, expanding retention and customer reach


Automated Orders

Less admin, improved customer experience

Diner Profiling

Realtime food preferences and analytics

Payment Systems

Supporting all currencies

Digital Loyalty

Enhanced consumer engagement

Digital Menus

with 360 visuals and full information

Custom Branding

Low cost digital advantage

NFC Table Management

With POS integration

Review and Feedback

Authentic, unbiased and specific insights

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