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Hospitality reimagined

Imagine a world where the digital experiences that you offer fits your business, rather than the other way around.

That's Dyne, the digital hospitality platform of the future.

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Your bespoke digital platform that captures every touchpoint

Your Venue. Reimagined.

Digital Menus
Put an end to menu costs by turning your manual paperbacks into a seamless digital experience. Always be in control with the ability to customise and update your menus in the space of seconds.
Touchpoint Data
Capture data like never before with every customer click. Harness valuable insights in order to better understand your customers and their preferences.
White Label Branded App
Your brand on our technology. Create a cohesive platform with full information for your customers and with branding that suits your exact business needs.
We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that our solution meets your exact business needs

Decide your very own Digital Solution

Choose from our growing list of features. You have the complete flexibility in shaping your own Digital App.

Digital Menus
We provide you with branded tags for each table to allow easy access to your fully customisable digital menus. Our tablet application allows you to seamlessly update and re cycle menu items in real-time.
Digital Analytics
By going digital, we capture every interaction starting from the moment a customer checks in to your venue. We combine automated and solicited data to tell you the full story so that you can make make business defining decisions for each product or service.
Digital Services
Your customers can benefit from a range of quick service options. From compiling a list of what they will order to alerting the waiter, our digital service feature enables less admin and more service.

“As a small player in the industry, Dyne has made it possible for us to enter the digital world at an affordable cost.”

“Dyne is our restaurant's engine. It powers everything that we do digital and allows us to steer it with a simple interface."

“This is the first time that a software in our industry is so customisable yet so affordable.”
WHY Dyne


The combination of Custom table tags and our Digital Menu product can be setup at your venue within days. Let us do the work whilst you focus on your customers.


It has never been easier to manage your digital menus, branding, loyalty and more at the click of your fingertips.


Make decisions not just on the quality of your food but rather on the whole experience. Complement customer feedback with our unique behaviour data; from diner check-ins, menu experiences, and dish abandonments, we capture it all.
our process

How we work

We provide you with everything that you would need from Day 0

We listen to your exact needs. You pick the features. You pick the branding. This is your product. Not ours.


We work closely with you to incorporate your inputs during the set up of your digital platform.


Your Dyne Business account is created. Your custom table tags are shipped. And all of this in just a matter of days.


We can set you up in no time at all

It has never been easier to go digital with us. This is your bespoke platform in the new era of hospitality.

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